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We safely and humanely remove bats across Louisville, KY and Southern Indiana. It's literally what we live for!

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Louisville Bat Removal has quickly become the largest bat removal group in Louisville and the local leader in Bat Removal from homes, businesses and other locations. If a bat is in trouble we're happy to help!

We remove bats humanely and safely throughout Louisville, KY and Southern Indiana including: Jeffersonville, IN, Clarksville, IN, New Albany, IN, Prospect, KY, Shively, KY, Saint Matthews, KY, Newburg, KY, Lyndon, KY, Okolona, KY, Highview, KY, Jeffersontown, KY, Fern Creek, KY, Valley Station, KY, Shelbyville, KY, Radcliff, KY and Bardstown, KY. And EVERYWHERE in-between!

Here's what we remove the MOST:

Big Brown Bat
Little Brown Bat
Red Bat
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We humanely evict, exclude and remove all of Kentucky's 15 species of bats.

Removal From Your
Home or Business

Our team responds 24/7 to wildlife emergencies involving bats. All you have to do is call us at 502.792.8BAT.

Humane Bat Eviction

After we've removed any bats you have loose in your home, our team does a thorough inspection of your house to find the entry points. We then custom-craft a one way door to allow the bats to leave and not get back in again. They're humanely evicted!

Bat Exclusion

After we're sure all the bats are out of the wall or attic area, we work to clean up any visible guano and install a permanent eviction to prevent any re-entry. We back that exclusion up with an industry-leading 10 year guarantee against re-entry. 

Feces (Guano) Removal

Did you know that if you are not seeing or smelling guano it may not have to be removed? Call us an we'll tell you how to save thousands of dollars over our competition by not paying for unnecessary services. 

Injured and Orphaned Bats

We work closely with local wildlife rehabilitation organizations to make sure we give any injured, sick or otherwise unhealthy bats over to their expert care. 

Board Certified Experts

The team at Louisville Bat Removal are all bat experts with decades of experience and multiple certifications. We go above and beyond for our clients and the animals we serve.

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